Strong Values Creating Strong Agents

The Agency Collective is an organization built on the values of doing right by others, working for our members every day, creating an open and honest communication platform and creating solutions rather than focusing on the problems. We help our members increase their agency’s revenue and productivity.

Driving Towards Mutual Success

The Agency Collective was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way–there had to be a group/aggregator that did not have all the catches in their contracts. As Kenny and Gary were not able to find this, they decided to create it. Thus, The Agency Collective was created. In 2020, Nationwide Exclusive Agents were transitioned to Independent Agents. This was an industry first. Examining all the various changes that these agencies would experience during the Nationwide Exclusive Agent Transition Period, we knew that we had to create a great contract for their agencies.

Kenny and Gary created a business plan and began to share their ideas with carriers and fellow agents. The response was overwhelming. Everyone was thirsty for a new network to be established that did not focus on making its members prisoners. We built a network that would work for the members and carriers to drive mutual success and create win-win relationships.

At The Agency Collective, we reinforce the autonomy of independent agencies and foster growth for the good of the whole. We develop partnerships based on shared goals, reciprocity and mutual interests for both our members and our carriers.

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See The Agency Collective in Action