Grow Your Independent Insurance Agency

Membership in The Agency Collective provides support for independent insurance agents who want to keep their independence but also want access to some of the largest and most profitable carriers, giving you the tools and advice to increase your agency income and value.

We Offer the Best of Both Sides

The Agency Collective

Aggregator Side of The AC Companies

  • The Agency Collective prides itself in providing the best program available to our member agencies
  • The AC does not charge a fee to join our program
  • The Agency Collective never touches your commissions–all carriers continue to pay our member agencies 100 percent commissions directly to them
  • Membership fee is only $200 a month
  • Our contract does not have handcuffs and restrictions
  • You always control your appointments and maintain ownership of policies.
  • The AC does not penalize you if you need to part ways

The AC Network

Broker Side of The AC Companies

  • Available to all AC members–no additional cost to access
  • Carrier availability when an agency may not be able to reach their production requirements
  • Account placement when an agency may not have an appointment with a carrier for a specific risk
  • At any point, you can work with the carrier to earn a direct appointment and move any business written in The AC Network to your direct appointment–no charge or restrictions

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See The Agency Collective in Action