SuranceBay Setup Guide for Life GOAT agents

View the instructional video below on how to register with SuranceBay or you can keep scrolling down on this page to view a click by click guide of completing the process of registering with SuranceBay. Remember you can access the Life GOAT link for SuranceBay by clicking below or by going back to the contracting page.

SuranceBay Registration Link:

Follow along with this guide while completing your profile.

Fill in SSN and Last Name. Click Next.

Enter Date of Birth.

Click Next. SuranceBay will send an account activation email to the email address that you provided them.

Open your email account and look for an email with the subject line “SureApp Account Activiation”

Create a new password via the link that was provided in your activation email. Once your new password is created return to the login page and enter your login information using your email address and the password you just created.

Next, click on “My Profile” to begin filling in your information. If you have already created a SuranceBay account in the past, the system may be able to pull a copy of your old profile. If so please make sure to update any outdated information, especially your contact info, business info, questions, EFT, E&O, and training tabs.

Fill in your personal information on the “NIPR” tab

Next, go to the “DBA” tab. DBA stands for Doing Business As. Complete this page. Make sure you are registering as an individual unless you have a licensed corporation. If you have a licensed business that you will be contracting, please select “business entity” and enter the required information for your business. IIn order to contract a business entity, the business MUST have an insurance license. You will also need to upload your articles of incorporation to the “scan” tab. Do not select “Licensed Only Agent” in this section unless specifically instructed by your upline.

Next, go to the “questions” tab. Please answer all questions accurately and provide any additional information where required.

Please confirm proper licenses are in place on the “licenses” tab. Usually SuranceBay will automatically populate these licenses from the NIPR database but you also have the option to manually upload them if this feature does not work. Again, if you are contracting your business, the business MUST hold an insurance license in the states you are contracting in. You will need to click “Firm Profile” on the “DBA” tab to access your business’s licenses.

Next, go to the “EFT” tab.

Banking Information – Please enter your accurate routing and account information. This will be used by the insurance carriers to pay out your commissions so please double check that you entered these numbers correctly. On this tab you will be prompted to upload a copy of your void check. Please follow the instructions below to make sure your document meets all requirements.

It is important that your check meets ALL of the following requirements: • The check must have your full legal name on it. • It must be in pdf format. Other formats will not show up properly on your contracts and will cause issues and delays with contracting. • If you are using a check for your business the check must have BOTH your name and the business’s name on it. IIf your check does not meet these requirements, the only substitute is a Direct Deposit form from your bank including all of the information listed above. The letter must be on letterhead, signed by a representative at the bank, state that you are an authorized user on the account, and include your full legal name, account number, and routing number. A screenshot of your banking information is not acceptable. If you do not have a scanner, Adobe offers a free scanner application for your phone that you can use to create a .pdf of your voided check. Find the installation information for this app below.

Once you have completed the “EFT” tab, please click on the “History” tab. Complete the employment history tab for the past 7 years. Please make sure there are no gaps in your employment history, if you were unemployed, please list the dates you were unemployed.

Please do the same for the address history for the past 7 years. Once complete, please continue to the “Training” tab.

If you are registered with FINRA, meaning you have a validated securities license, you can select yes. However, most life and health agents do not have their FINRA registrations and you are not required to have one to market our products. In this section you will also enter your anti-money laundering course completion information. This information is required with a certificate of completion. If you have not completed an AML course within the last year, or do not have access to your certificate of completion, please complete a new AML course. offers many AML courses that are accepted by most insurance carriers. is considered to be the provider that most insurance companies look for. So we always recommend our agents using to complete their AML training if possible. Once you have completed your AML training, return to SuranceBay on the training tab. Enter the course provider and date you completed the course, then upload the certificate you received.

Next, click on the “E&O” tab. If you have a personal E&O policy, please enter the information for it. You will be asked to enter your policy number and upload a copy of your certificate. If you are contracting a business entity you MUST purchase your own coverage for the business.

Finally, click on the “scan” tab. Here you will upload documents that pertain to your contracting as well as complete your signature authorization. Please upload your signed carrier releases here as well as explanations for any criminal charges you have. Use the “Upload Files” button you see below for this.

On the “Scan” tab, you will be asked to complete your e-signature. To do this, please click on the signature capture button (see orange arrow above). Next the signature agreement will populate, select “accept” to go to the next step.

You will then see what appears to be a blank white screen. If you have a touch screen, you can use your touch screen to write the signature, if not, you will need to click and hold down the left button on your mouse or trackpad and sign as if you were signing with a pen, once you are done writing your signature you can let go of the button on the mouse. Once you are satisfied with your signature, click “done” in the top right corner.

Once you have completed all of the steps above, you should see all green check marks on the tabs at the bottom of the screen. If you see a red exclamation point on any tab, like the one pictured below, you may need to visit that tab to complete further requirements.

Once you have all green check marks, you will then be able to request carrier appointments. To do this, go to “Request Appointment” in the top right corner of your screen. You will be making a “New Request”. Please request all carriers laid out by your distribution channel. If you are requesting appointments for carriers that you are currently appointed with under another IMO, please make sure you have your completed / signed releases for those carriers uploaded in the “Scan” tab in your profile. Not doing this will delay your contracting.

You may be prompted to answer some questions related to the carrier’s contract while making your requests. When answering the carrier specific questions, you only need to answer the questions with an asterisk (*) mark. The only exception to this rule is if the question is related to how you want to get paid. Always answer any questions dealing with how you are getting paid from carrier regardless of whether or not the question has an * mark. Answer all required questions and then press “next”. After you’ve answered the carrier specific questions, SuranceBay will populate a contract specific to that carrier. You simply need to scroll to the very bottom of that document and then press “Confirm” in the top right corner. The “Confirm” button only appears after you have scrolled to the absolute bottom of the document. After hitting confirm you can select apply my signature, and SuranceBay will redirect you back to where you can review and sign your other contracts. If you start a contract request then “Quit”, SuranceBay will usually save your place. To go back into the request to complete it, you just need to double click on the carrier name like in the screen you see pictured below.

Once you’ve completed reviewing and signing all of your contracts please send us an email at to request that we begin processing your contracts.