The AC Team

The Power of Proven Leadership

At The AC, we reinforce the autonomy of independent agencies and foster growth for the good of the whole. We develop partnerships based on shared goals, reciprocity and mutual interests.

Kenneth Urbania

President / CEO

Kenny has been in the insurance industry for 25 years. Starting as a scratch agent, Kenny learned early on that customer satisfaction and working with a suitable carrier can make for a fantastic insurance agency. After 10 years in the business, Kenny found himself with Nationwide and has not regretted a moment of that decision. As a Nationwide Agent, Kenny has been a leader among his peer group, teaching classes, heading community marketing initiatives, recruiting, and winning multiple awards for excellent performance. Founding the cluster was a natural progression, with many agents turning to Kenny for direction as the move to independence grew closer.

Kenny learned early on the importance of detail and the ability to follow directions. As a weapons instructor for 16 years in the United States Coast Guard, Kenny learned how to lead and drive results. As a result, Kenny is a leader focused on creating a positive culture for our organization while helping agency partners maximize their business potential and growth.

Gary Hines


Gary’s business leadership has been a blend of small business entrepreneurship along with Fortune 100 corporate leadership. Over the past several years, the insurance industry vertical has become a leading space for Gary’s expertise. Working with leaders in the insurance industry gave Gary a unique perspective on ways insurance agents could collaborate and become better together. Gary earned his undergraduate degree from Kent State University and a master’s degree in business administration from Lake Erie College.

Gary is a strategic visionary with corporate research and development expertise at the forefront of business innovation.

Larry Cahill

EVP / Platform Leader

Larry brings 30-plus years of experience from the insurance industry’s agency and corporate sides. Beginning as a scratch agent, his leadership skills were recognized early on as he was selected to develop agencies throughout Northeast Ohio. Larry was recruited to Nationwide sales management in 2004 and brought his friend and AC President Ken Urbania to Nationwide shortly after.

Larry and Kenny had a highly successful 10-year run together as they developed a robust player/coach model for others to emulate. Among his many accomplishments, Larry was named to Nationwide’s inaugural National Sales Leadership Council in 2009. He was twice nominated for the CEO Award and was known for his ability to form excellent partnerships with Product, Underwriting and Claims. He is someone who helps elevate the performance of all those around him and provides valuable experience to The AC leadership team.

Holly Schultz

Director of Finance and Accounting

Holly has a multifaceted background in insurance and business. With more than 10 years with a top-five carrier and five years working with a niche carrier, Holly has seen insurance from various angles. With her strong background in accounting and finance and her MBA from Lake Erie College, Holly will be an intricate leader in her new insurance chapter with The AC.

Holly is an accomplished business professional with expertise in finance, accounting, human resources, customer service and business organizational structure.

Kari Ball

VP of Client Relations

Kari has been a life-long entrepreneur with business-ownership experience across several industries. She began her insurance career as a scratch agency owner when she was just 20 years old. After eight years of building a successful business, she was allowed to purchase the local Nationwide agency. As a Nationwide agent, Kari achieved Champions and Farm Fast Track multiple times and was appointed to the Regional and National Advisory Councils.
Kari is known for her solid tactical ability to communicate and assist agency owners in their EC to IA transition. As a result, she is a perfect fit to lead Client Relations with our The AC member agencies. Kari holds a degree in business administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.