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At Hippo, we understand that home insurance is more than just protection against the unexpected; it’s about providing homeowners with peace of mind and proactive solutions. That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach to home insurance, combining modern coverage with smart home technology and access to Hippo Home Care. As an insurance agency considering partnering with us, you’ll find that our innovative products and services offer unparalleled value to your clients.

Our smart home technology is designed to keep homeowners one step ahead of potential problems. By incorporating smart tech sensors and devices into their homes, your clients can actively prevent issues before they arise, minimizing the risk of damage and the need for costly repairs. This forward-thinking approach to home management saves time and money. It fosters a sense of security and confidence in homeownership.

Hippo Home Care is another essential component of our proactive home insurance package. By offering your clients access to home care services, such as video checkups* and expert maintenance advice, they can stay informed about their home’s health and take the necessary steps to ensure its longevity. Our commitment to promoting proactive home care sets us apart from traditional home insurance providers. We actively work with homeowners to maintain their properties and prevent issues from escalating.

In addition to our proactive approach, Hippo offers modern coverage that meets the evolving needs of today’s homeowners. Our policies feature 4X higher coverage limits for computers and home office equipment, enhanced coverage for appliances and electronics, and even coverage for those who help run your clients’ homes. This comprehensive coverage ensures that your clients are fully protected, no matter what challenges they face as homeowners.

We pride ourselves on partnering with leading companies that share our vision for better home insurance. Our collaborative approach enables us to provide insurance agencies like yours with exceptional products and services that will change how your clients think about home care and insurance. So join us in our mission to revolutionize the home insurance industry and empower homeowners to proactively protect their most valuable assets.

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