The AC University About The AC

Working tirelessly to be your go-to consulting partner

The AC achieved rapid growth by focusing on the right reasons, building a world-class team, and connecting agents, carriers, and strategic partners.

Transforming businesses nationwide, The AC has become a prominent name in professional services for independent agencies of all sizes

Kenny Urbania established The AC to address a critical need when Nationwide Insurance Company released exclusive agencies. These newly liberated agents needed guidance to become industry leaders in their own right. Little did Kenny know that his endeavor with The AC would have a significant and transformative impact on the lives of many.

The AC’s daily efforts have transformed business operations nationwide, from top national carriers to local independent agencies. The market demanded a leading network firm and a trusted consulting provider for independent agents. The AC stepped up, quickly becoming a prominent name in professional services for independent agencies of all sizes without any negative contractual obligations.

While building The AC, Kenny understood that their services couldn’t be limited to a specific type of agency. Factors such as geographical location, organization size, target clients, portfolio mix and agency goals create unique agency identities. However, the fundamental defining characteristic of an agency is the identity created by its principal agent and leaders, further enhanced by The AC team’s unique relationship with each client.
The AC team believes that by knowing their members personally, they can become deeply involved in the members’ businesses. As a professional service firm, The AC must comprehend each client’s organization and how it can help.

For The AC, markets are just the beginning. They have built their foundation to become a network, forging relationships with top national and regional insurance carriers. As change is the only constant in the insurance industry, The AC closely monitors shifts in carrier appetite, rates and consumer behavior. Their coast-to-coast operations allow them to stay updated on the evolving needs of carriers and agents. Moreover, The AC keeps in touch with all its partners to provide the latest information, ensuring all stakeholders remain on the path to success.

How did The AC achieve so much in a short time? They focused on doing the right things for the right reasons, built a world-class team that loves their daily work, and established a network to connect agents, carriers and the best strategic insurance industry partners. Their success benefits everyone involved. The AC knows how to foster growth while offering crucial knowledge and guidance without the typical network drawbacks of restrictive contracts, high fees and other disadvantages. They didn’t just create a better solution; they dismantled the old one.

The AC works diligently daily to be all stakeholders’ go-to network consulting partner. With top-notch consulting, industry-leading connections and the ability to maintain true independence, The AC continues to grow and mature as the leading professional services firm and network in the independent agency world. No matter your agency’s situation or size, reach out to The AC to discover how you can progress while preserving your independence. This is the essence of The AC’s approach.