The AC University Vendor Partners

Get results using these strategic vendor partners

Discover how the Independent Agent channel is leveraging billions in insurtech investment to revolutionize client management, online marketing, data analytics, process technologies and more.

Enhance your insurance agency’s efficiency and sales performance with strategic partners from The AC

Looking for ways to improve your insurance agency’s performance and grow your business? Look no further than the strategic partners offered by The AC. With billions invested in insurtech, the Independent Agent channel is becoming increasingly innovative, offering a range of solutions to support your agency’s needs.

At The AC, we sift through the tech to find the right partners to help you manage your agency more efficiently and effectively. Our partners cover a range of categories, including agency management systems, CRM solutions, E&O insurance, agency marketing tools, cybersecurity and IT, finance and banking solutions, staffing, phone systems, rating software and productivity tools.

Agency management systems can help agencies track and maintain client relationships, improve marketing and sales efforts and monitor sales performance. CRM solutions automate and streamline the insurance workflow, including lead generation, application, policy rating, policy issuance, reporting and referral management.

E&O insurance protects businesses, employees and professionals from claims of negligent or shoddy work, shielding businesses from negligence or poor workmanship. Agency marketing tools are essential for getting the word out about your insurance policies, generating leads and making sales.

Cybersecurity and IT solutions help process, store and secure electronic data on any computer within your agency’s network and protect it from outside cyberattacks. Finance and banking solutions include traditional forms of commercial financing such as term loans and lines of credit.
Staffing is critical to your company’s success. Our preferred vendors have the best teams, staffed by experts in multiple product lines and functions. Phone systems include unlimited local and long-distance calling, automated menus, ring groups, voicemail to email and call recording.

Rating software helps strike the best balance between acquiring new customers, mitigating risk, and meeting regulatory requirements. Productivity tools streamline insurance processes with electronic signature software and improve customer experiences by providing secure, intelligent and frictionless insurance services.

At The AC, we partner with the best vendors to help you get the best results from your agency.