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Clearclover Insurance prioritizes customer savings and flexibility by offering 6-month policy terms instead of traditional 12-month policies. This shorter term allows us to evaluate your driving history more frequently, ensuring you receive the best possible rates. Our innovative approach to car insurance provides the perfect balance between coverage and affordability.

For those who drive with rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft, Clearcover’s Rideshare endorsement extends your coverage. In contrast, your rideshare app is active, but before accepting a ride. It’s essential to verify the specific coverage provided by your rideshare company during different ride stages, as coverage may vary.

Our Alternate Transportation coverage helps you stay mobile if your vehicle is undrivable due to a covered incident. Clearcover reimburses you based on your preferred mode of transportation, whether it’s ridesharing services, public transportation, or renting a car. The coverage includes a maximum daily and maximum reimbursement per incident. For example, with $30/$900 coverage, we will reimburse up to $30 per day, with a maximum of $900 per incident for alternate transportation expenses.

Please note that Alternate Transportation coverage only applies in the event of a covered loss, meaning it does not cover regular maintenance or mechanical repairs. It is strictly for incidents for which a Clearcover claim is filed.

While we currently do not offer homeowners or renters insurance options directly, we have partnered with Hippo, one of the fastest-growing insurance providers in the U.S. You can build a quote with them by clicking here. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We invite you to explore the benefits of partnering with Clearclover Insurance.

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