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Welcome to clickVSC, where we pride ourselves on offering the industry’s best vehicle service contract (VSC) coverage. Our mission is to provide insurance agencies like yours with comprehensive and reliable options for your clients’ automotive needs. We understand the importance of providing exceptional coverage, so our policies are designed to cover parts and labor on every covered repair (less deductible if applicable).

At clickVSC, we value convenience and flexibility for your clients. Our policies allow them to take their vehicles to any licensed repair shop across the United States for service. This ensures clients can choose a service provider they trust, resulting in a positive experience and increased satisfaction.

Our commitment to transparency and affordability is evident in our coverage policies. We guarantee that all covered parts and labor, including taxes, are paid 100% by the plan. Your clients will only be responsible for their deductible, which provides them with peace of mind and reduces their financial burden in the event of unexpected vehicle repairs.

As an insurance agency partnering with clickVSC, you can trust that we are dedicated to providing unparalleled support and service. Our experienced professionals are available to assist you and your clients with any questions or concerns. We are committed to fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and exceptional performance.

We invite you to join the growing network of insurance agencies that trust clickVSC to deliver the industry’s best vehicle service contract coverage. By choosing clickVSC, you give your clients access to dependable, comprehensive, and affordable VSC options. We look forward to working with you and helping your clients protect their investments while enjoying worry-free vehicle ownership.

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