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At GBLI, we specialize in providing a diverse range of specialty property and casualty insurance products tailored to the needs of small to middle-market businesses. Our comprehensive agent network allows us to offer both flexibility and opportunity, ensuring that our partner agents receive the best possible solutions. We are proud of our “A” (Excellent) AM Best group rating and remain committed to achieving steady, profitable growth.

Our three guiding principles form the foundation of our success: our people, a customer-centric mentality, and disciplined underwriting. We understand that our people are our greatest asset, and we invest in their growth and development. Our employees exhibit exceptional service, technical competence, accessibility, and accountability, enabling us to build a strong team that supports our clients.

Our customer-centric approach emphasizes collaboration, responsiveness, and partnership. We believe in doing what is right and operating with integrity, respect, and honesty. This commitment to our clients ensures that we meet their expectations and consistently exceed them.

Disciplined underwriting practices form the cornerstone of our business, and they are critical to achieving consistent, profitable growth. We harness data to make sound, objective, and consistent judgments in our underwriting decisions, ensuring that we maintain our reputation for excellence.

Choosing GBLI as your insurance carrier means partnering with a company that prioritizes its people, customers and disciplined underwriting practices. Our dedication to these principles ensures our ongoing success. It enables us to provide exceptional service and valuable solutions to our partner agents.

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