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At Liberty Mutual Insurance, our long-standing commitment to providing security and peace of mind has driven our growth since 1912. Today, we are the sixth largest global property and casualty insurer, based on the 2020 gross written premium. Our dedication to supporting customers and employees alike has enabled us to cultivate thriving businesses and secure futures for individuals and families across the globe.

Our headquarters are in Boston, yet our extensive network reaches far beyond, ensuring we are always close to our valued customers and colleagues. We have streamlined our organization into three business units to optimize global services.

Our first unit offers personal insurance products for home, auto, and property-casualty through our renowned Liberty Mutual and Safeco™ brands. This unit, segmented into U.S., East, and West regions, extends coverage to small businesses, ensuring comprehensive protection for diverse clients.

Our second unit caters to the unique requirements of mid-to-large-size commercial and specialty insurance, surety, and reinsurance operations. It is comprised of National Insurance, North America Specialty, Liberty Specialty, and Global Surety, each specializing in a specific sector, ensuring expert solutions for all clients.

Lastly, our Liberty Mutual Investments (LMI) group plays an integral role in our overall strategy, managing Liberty Mutual Insurance Group’s globally invested financial assets. LMI’s primary mission is to sustainably deploy and create capital, solidifying our financial stability and empowering us to offer exceptional services to our partners and customers continually.

We invite you to join forces with Liberty Mutual Insurance. This reliable and established carrier prioritizes the security and growth of your clients. Together, we can create lasting partnerships and drive progress in the insurance industry.

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