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At Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on our strong and stable foundation, established in 1901. With a rich history of providing insurance to property owners in Ohio, we have expanded our services over the years, now offering coverage to homes, autos, farms, and commercial properties in seven states. Our growth has been strategic and intentional, with the acquisition of Maine-based Casco Indemnity Company in 2010 and the addition of our full line of products to Indiana in 2019. We write nearly $300 million in premiums yearly, reflecting our commitment to protecting our policyholders.

As a mutual insurance company, we focus on our policyholders and members. We prioritize trust, loyalty, and the long-term well-being of our members over short-term gains for stockholders. Our primary mission is to protect and serve our members by maintaining the necessary capital to meet their needs and cover any insured losses. This customer-first approach has earned us an “A” Excellent rating from A.M. Best and nine inclusions in the “Ward’s 50” since 2009, recognizing us as one of the nation’s top 50 property and casualty insurers.

Our investment strategies prioritize long-term stability and growth, ensuring we remain dependable and reliable for our members. By focusing on less risky investments, we can operate with the best interests of our policyholders in mind, free from the pressure to generate quick returns for stockholders.

Our longevity speaks to our commitment to our members and ability to adapt to the changing insurance landscape. With over 60% of mutual insurance companies surpassing the century mark, we are proud to be part of this legacy. Our median age in the U.S. is 120 years, a testament to our resilience and dedication to providing exceptional service to our policyholders.

As an insurance agency considering a partnership with Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, you can trust our stability, customer-centric approach, and excellent reputation. We invite you to join us in providing comprehensive and reliable insurance solutions to Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire policyholders.

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