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Pathpoint was established in 2017 to address a challenge that no other company in the industry was actively working to resolve – how to streamline small commercial excess and surplus (E&S) lines insurance. Other companies were developing solutions for admitted markets, but non-admitted markets appeared too much of a gray area. This is where Pathpoint saw a chance to make a difference.

Pathpoint recognized the need for technology to simplify the $52 billion surplus lines market, reducing the time to provide quotes from days or weeks to just minutes. Our technology enables agents to e-sign documents, eliminating the tedious process of filling out ACORD forms and providing 24/7 access to accounts. Pathpoint has rapidly grown to become the outstanding leader in providing a stellar agent experience by making E&S placement fast and easy.

By partnering with major carriers and focusing on having the best technology in the market, Pathpoint has built a proprietary rate-quote-bind-issue system to enable friction-free placement across all our carrier partners. We have been exclusively focused on surplus lines since we started. We are now licensed nationwide, a cover holder at Lloyd’s of London, backed by major investors, and actively expanding our reach and available products.

Businesses require insurance, but securing it can be complicated. This creates an exciting opportunity for Pathpoint, and we continue to work on streamlining the procurement of surplus line coverage every day. Our commitment to innovation and simplifying the insurance process has made us a top choice for small commercial E&S insurance. Choose Pathpoint for a seamless experience in securing the right insurance coverage for your business.

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