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About IDTheft Assist

IDTheft Assist provides a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your identity by combining proactive and preventative monitoring with exclusive threat intelligence and personalized alerts. This powerful combination ensures that any unauthorized attempts to access your account will be quickly detected and dealt with, making it virtually impossible for identity thieves to succeed.

By proactively monitoring your accounts, IDTheft Assist can quickly identify any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized attempts to access your account or changes to your personal information. This allows for rapid response and remediation, preventing any further unauthorized access.

In addition to its proactive monitoring, IDTheft Assist employs preventative measures to stop identity thieves. These measures include setting up fraud alerts, freezing your credit report, and monitoring your personal information across the dark web, all of which work together to make it extremely difficult for identity thieves to use your information to commit fraud.

Finally, IDTheft Assist provides personalized alerts tailored to your needs and preferences. These alerts can notify you of any suspicious activity, changes to your credit report, or any other indicators of potential identity theft, allowing you to take immediate action to protect your identity.

With its powerful combination of proactive and preventative monitoring, exclusive threat intelligence, and personalized alerts, IDTheft Assist is the ultimate solution for protecting your identity and ensuring identity thieves are permanently barred from accessing your account.

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