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Get access to the best health insurance carriers

Protecting your clients' lives is our top priority. Discover our comprehensive life insurance offerings.

Offering a range of health insurance plans, customized to meet your clients’ specific needs

LifeGOAT provides insurance agents with a user-friendly and comprehensive online rating platform that makes it easy to sell a variety of life insurance, health insurance, annuities, and security products to consumers and businesses. With their automated life, health, and financial platforms, you can get a quote and complete a drop ticket in less than 15 minutes, regardless of the case’s complexity.

LifeGOAT also offers a team of experts ready to assist you at the click of a button, ensuring that you have the support you need every step of the way. Additionally, they provide free access to marketing tools and training, making it easy for you to promote your services and grow your business.

Their services include access to life insurance carriers and support, annuity carriers and support, an individual health platform, and small and large group health proposal requests. LifeGOAT also provides Medicare certification and referral services and disability and long-term care requests for proposal services.

Click on the logo to learn more about LifeGOAT and its offerings. Whether you’re a seasoned insurance agent or just starting out, LifeGOAT can help you achieve your business goals and provide the best services to your clients.