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The AC is a group of insurance and business professionals who work towards solving the numerous issues that our fellow insurance entrepreneurs face without leveraging them into a bad relationship. We offer a better aggregator solution for all insurance agents–whether an agency is a one person show or has a staff of 50.


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Welcome to a New Way of Thinking!

The AC is a group of insurance and business professionals who work together towards solving the numerous issues that our fellow insurance entrepreneurs face without leveraging them into a bad relationship.

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The AC Companies is Much More Than An Insurance Cluster or Mere Aggregator

The AC was formed in 2019, initially, to build an agency cluster for Nationwide Agents with the tools they needed to succeed during the transition period of becoming independent. However, it quickly became clear that The AC was a tool all independent agencies could benefit from.

Because of our ideology and thinking, we became the disrupter in the insurance network marketplace with a key feature of not wanting to lock you down with restrictive clauses, huge fees or closed-door deals.

Collectively, we support members in accomplishing goals they never thought possible on their own and feel driven to help as many as we can. We are committed to being the premier organization to bring the necessary resources, training, coaching and support for all members to achieve exceptional results.

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The AC is constantly networking and expanding its reach within the insurance industry.

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April 7-9, 2022

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The AC knows firsthand how collaboration and support help independent insurance agencies grow. Bring your passion and ambition and benefit from our experience and expertise, alongside better profit sharing, potential partnerships with other members and more.

So start or help grow your independent insurance agency today–experience all the benefits of joining The AC.