The Story of a Disruptor

Breaking the Mold, Being Responsive and Truly Caring About Stakeholders

Kenny Urbania founded The AC in response to an urgent need caused by the release of Nationwide Insurance Company exclusive agencies. These newly released agents needed a clear path to become industry leaders in their own right. Kenny had no idea how significant and life-changing his work would be when he started The AC.

The daily grind would change the operations of many businesses across the country, from the most prominent national carriers to the neighborhood independent agency. The market required a firm that was not only a leading network but also a leading provider that consulted independent agents, that collective agents trusted, and that formed a partnership with no negative contractual obligations. The AC became that organization, quickly establishing itself as a leading name in professional services for Independent Agencies of all sizes.

When Kenny was developing The AC, he quickly realized that the company couldn’t pigeonhole its service offering for a specific type of agency. Geographical differences, organizational size, target clients, portfolio mix and agency goals contribute to agencies’ identities as distinct as fingerprints. However, the identity of the organization created by the principal agent and the leaders defines the agency. This identity is further defined by The AC team’s special relationship with each client.

The AC accomplishes this by answering some of the more personal questions, such as:

  • What drives the agency’s day-to-day operations?
  • How does the agency intend to grow the organization in the future?
  • What are the leadership’s long-term goals, both personally and professionally?
  • What keeps the leaders awake at night?
  • What is the agency’s plan for succession?

The AC team believes that understanding members on a personal level allows them to become immersed in its members’ businesses. As a professional service firm, The AC must understand each client’s organization and how The AC can help.

Markets are only the tip of the iceberg for The AC, which developed its foundation to become a network. The AC has established relationships with the top national and regional insurance carriers thanks to a solid foundation. Change is the only constant in the insurance industry; changes in carrier appetite, rates and consumer behavior are all factors the industry must closely monitor. Coast-to-coast operations enable The AC to stay on top of the changing needs of carriers and agents. Furthermore, The AC maintains contact with all its partners to ensure they have the most up-to-date information to keep all stakeholders of The AC on track for success.

How did The AC achieve so much in such a short period? It accomplished this by doing the right things for the right reasons, cultivating a world-class team that enjoys daily work and establishing a network to connect agents, carriers and the best strategic insurance industry partners. Its success is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The AC understands how to foster growth while providing critical knowledge and guidance and accomplishes this without the usual network drawbacks of restrictive contracts, exorbitant fees and other disadvantages. The AC did not create a better mousetrap but dismantled it.

The AC works tirelessly daily to earn the ability to be the network consulting partner for all stakeholders. Because of its world-class consulting, industry-leading connections and the ability for you to stay truly independent, The AC continues to develop, mature and grow into the independent agency world’s leading professional services firm and network. So, regardless of the situation or the agency’s size, contact The AC to see how you can advance while maintaining your independence. This is how The AC does things.

August 2019

Began recruiting first-round draft pick of agents for consideration: 35 agents with $32 million in revenue

September 2019

Installed the Platform Agent program and doubled in size

December 2019

Launched online in Facebook groups and enrollment swelled to 140 Agents, representing $120 million in revenue

February 2020

The AC attended first insurance show in Las Vegas

July 2020

Nationwide captives moved to independence

July to December 2020

The Agency Collective transferred thousands of codes to independence for more than 400 agencies

January 2021

The AC reached more than 500 members

January to March 2021

The AC paid out $35 million in bonuses

February 2021

Quail Hallow Bonus Summit

April to August 2021

The AC held roadshows in 22 cities with more than 250 agent attendees

January 2022

LifeGoat 2.0 launched to The AC

January to March 2022

The AC paid out $40 million in bonuses

February 2022

Geneva on the Lake Bonus Summit

May 2022

More than 500 attendees joined The AC in Orlando, Florida, for its first annual conference

November 2022

The AC hit 800 members