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Working with The AC allows independent insurance brokers to gain access to the most profitable carriers in the industry while maintaining their independence. This is made possible thanks to The AC.

Because of The AC’s connections, your company will be able to take advantage of a variety of opportunities. You do not have to be the CEO of a major national corporation to qualify for our services. Even without traditional network hooks, our customized solutions can connect you to the carriers and brokers who can help your company’s clientele grow.

Why The AC?

Independent insurance agents sometimes struggle because of a lack of support and no access to large carriers.

While making all the decisions and being your own boss is great, joining The AC gives you the best of both worlds with support, advice and carrier access.

  • No Buy-In
  • No Costly Exit Clause
  • No Long-Term Non-Compete

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The AC knows firsthand how collaboration and support help independent insurance agencies grow. Bring your passion and ambition and benefit from our experience and expertise, alongside better profit sharing, potential partnerships with other members and more.

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