Our Story

We Build Relationships Out of Trust and Desire

I am excited to take this opportunity to introduce you to our organization. My name is Kenny Urbania; I am an agency owner with multiple locations throughout Northeast Ohio. My 25 years as an agent gave me a unique opportunity to work on many projects, lead peer training classes and earn many trips with Nationwide agents from all over the country. Although I had built a successful business, the transition to independence was both exciting and scary at the same time. I started asking questions to learn about the needed steps to transition my agency to independence. The daily questions were mounting about how these changes will work for my agency and fellow agents. Being proactive in my communications with Nationwide and other agents, the answer became clear: build an agency cluster for Nationwide agents with the tools they need to succeed during the transition period and beyond.

We initially built The AC for the Nationwide agent transition. It became clear that The AC was a network from which all independent agencies could benefit. Our ideology and thinking became the disrupter in the insurance network marketplace. We became the disruptor as we do not want to lock you down with restrictive clauses, huge fees or closed-door deals. As my team and I built The AC, we continued to ask one question: “How would I feel if someone sold this to my agency?” This allowed us to create The AC formula with all the right components for your agency and our members.

Choosing an aggregator/network partner is a very personal choice. After all, this is a partnership for your company’s future development. Our values are evident in our daily business practices. We build our relationships out of trust and a desire to do business. We do not want connections of necessity. My team and I are proud to introduce to you The AC. Please feel free to call or email if you would like to learn more. Whether you do business with another group or us, we genuinely wish you the best.