Angelo Gallo

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 216-210-3174

Angelo Gallo stands out as a seasoned business proprietor with an impressive record of success in transforming and rebranding businesses that have been previously shuttered. Not only does he turn these companies around, but he makes them profitable and appealing to potential investors and consumers. With an innate talent for business revitalization, Angelo breathes new life into stagnant companies, making them vibrant, productive and highly sought-after. This ability is partly due to his comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and ability to identify growth opportunities.

In addition to his prowess in business transformation, Angelo has been instrumental in establishing and successfully managing his brokerage firm. With more than 35 years of experience, he has developed profound expertise in various aspects of business, particularly sales, leases and property acquisitions. His wealth of knowledge ensures that he is always on top of market trends, and his deep understanding of the sector gives him an edge in structuring deals beneficial to all parties involved.

Beyond his business career, Angelo has also distinguished himself in property management, overseeing up to 50 properties within multiple portfolios. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to his clients, proving his unmatched dedication and commitment. His personal life is just as fulfilling, with him being a loving husband and father to a son and a daughter. Among his favorite personal roles is being the “Biggest Fan” of his baseball-playing grandson, always traveling to cheer him on in his games. Angelo Gallo’s life truly embodies a blend of business success and rich family values.