Jason Varner

Financial Director

Phone: 330-904-8641
Email: jvarner@jointheac.com

Jason Varner is the proud owner of Varner Insurance Group Inc and Varner Financial Services LLC. Having dedicated over 22 years of his career in Ohio, he has vast experience in the insurance business. Jason’s story traces back to his roots as a second-generation Nationwide agent, which laid a strong foundation for his knowledge and skills in the field. His journey evolved further when he fully transitioned to becoming an independent agent. His extensive background and the benefit of remarkable mentorship have shaped his path to success in the industry.

Jason’s exceptional knack for building relationships is one of the cornerstones of his business acumen. His work consistently demonstrated this ability by creating new carrier relationships for The AC and agency partners. This talent has fortified his professional ties and contributed substantially to the growth of his business ventures.

At a personal level, Jason is a dedicated family man. He has been married for 21 years and cherishes being a father to his son and two teenage daughters. His family serves as his driving force, inspiring him to pursue excellence in all aspects of his life relentlessly. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, whether by the lake, playing golf or traveling to new places. A major upcoming adventure for Jason is moving his son to college, a milestone he eagerly looks forward to.