Kenneth Urbania

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 440-478-7700

Kenny Urbania is a visionary entrepreneur who profoundly transformed the insurance industry when he founded The AC. Responding to the release of Nationwide Insurance Company’s exclusive agencies, Kenny created a pathway for these newly independent agents, enabling them to become industry leaders. Kenny’s initiative led to significant business changes nationwide, from premier national carriers to local independent agencies. The AC quickly became a leading service provider for independent agencies of all sizes.

Kenny ensured that The AC catered to the diverse needs of agencies, acknowledging that factors such as geographical location, organization size and client base created unique agency identities. Emphasizing the importance of the principal agent and leaders in crafting an agency’s identity, Kenny developed a client-centric approach. He insisted on gaining in-depth knowledge of each client’s organization to effectively tailor The AC’s services.

Despite the challenging landscape of the insurance industry, Kenny’s leadership navigated The AC to become a prominent network. He fostered strategic relationships with top insurance carriers and guided The AC in adapting to evolving market dynamics, such as carrier appetites, rates and consumer behavior changes. His commitment to constant communication with all partners helped keep everyone updated, ensuring the collective success of The AC’s stakeholders.

Kenny’s extraordinary success can be attributed to his unwavering commitment to doing the right things, cultivating a passionate team and establishing a network connecting agents, carriers and strategic partners. His vision prevented him from creating a better system to dismantle restrictive practices, foster growth and provide vital guidance. Kenny Urbania’s tireless efforts and dedication have positioned The AC as the preferred network consulting partner for all stakeholders and an exemplar of independent agency advancement.