Leah Bartlett

Chief Information Officer

Phone: 440-474-2824
Email: lbartlett@jointheac.com

Leah Bartlett, an esteemed Chief Information Officer, brings expertise and unparalleled experience to her role. With a remarkable career spanning over three decades, Leah has carved a niche as a dynamic leader in various high-stakes, executive-level environments. Her journey in the professional world is characterized by her ability to adeptly build and nurture organizations in diverse sectors such as the insurance industry, manufacturing and the public sector. Leah’s exceptional skill set is not just limited to organizational development; she is also highly proficient in managing, mentoring and training teams. Her unwavering commitment to supporting her staff and customers has played a pivotal role in her successful career trajectory, making her a role model in the information technology sector.

Outside the confines of the office, Leah’s life is equally vibrant and inspiring. She is a devoted mother to three beautiful daughters, whose upbringing she has juggled skillfully with her demanding professional life. Her passion for community involvement is evident through her active participation as a high school sports booster and women’s soccer team representative. These roles underscore her dedication not only to her family but also to nurturing young talent in sports. Leah’s ability to balance her professional and personal life with such finesse is a testament to her exceptional organizational and leadership skills, making her a remarkable figure in her professional sphere and community engagements.