Being the Disruptor in Agency Network Partnerships

The AC Surpasses Its Rivals Due to Its Tireless Efforts in Aiding Partners

Insurance network partners, or aggregators, have existed for the past 40-plus years in the independent insurance industry. There are assorted reasons why the Independent Agent (IA) channel has seen growing numbers of agencies connecting with networks. One key identifier of their increasing presence is the Insurance Journal’s Top 20 Network Partners ranking.

Since 2014, the P&C revenues among the Top 20 Network Rankings have grown almost six times. This demonstrates the shift of IAs to using some form of an agency network partner to help enhance their businesses.

The AC was born to be the disruptor in this industry. With old narratives, restrictive ideologies and uncomfortable partnership covenants, other networks paved the way for The AC and its unique approach. The AC is a true partner that works tirelessly to help all its agent members, carriers and strategic vendor partners.

At The AC, new relationships are forming daily, and our partners are discovering just how remarkable The AC is. This is an organization born on the foundation that all parties can succeed together, better and through the development of win-win relationships. The AC does this through personal connection, communication, innovation, education and an intrinsic drive by the entire AC team to generate success.

The AC model is fundamentally different from the other network partners. For example, some networks present anecdotal offerings that claim no exit clauses, no entrance fees and no expensive restrictions. However, The AC has found that many of these statements are false narratives. Take a close look, and you will find those agreements do not necessarily align with the sales pitch.

The AC is built differently, offering first-class, white-glove service with every interaction. The foundation of The AC’s success is built on an agreement with no entrance fees, exit clauses or hidden hooks. The AC has a team of industry professionals ready to support your agency – whether the agency has tens of millions in premiums or is a small one-person shop.

At The AC, our relationships with key stakeholders drive our daily work. With countless hours consulting, supporting and helping our partners succeed, The AC has built a network that performs at a level above the rest. This is all done while allowing the agency members to retain complete control of their books. The AC strives to help you enhance your business, and this is precisely what they have done for 700-plus agencies across the United States.

The AC will continue to disrupt the industry. As a group, The AC offers top markets, industry-leading consulting for technology, sales training, marketing, human resources, finance and succession planning. No matter your agency goals, The AC is the professional insurance firm that can help you achieve more.