ReminderMedia Joins The AC’s Strategic Partner Program

Simplifying Marketing Efforts to Increase Business

For more than 18 years, ReminderMedia, a sales and marketing firm based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, has assisted financial professionals and other sales-based businesses in simplifying their marketing efforts to increase repeat and referral business.

ReminderMedia has joined The AC’s Vendor Affinity Program to help insurance professionals maximize their marketing potential. The AC is a group of insurance and business professionals who collaborate to solve the numerous issues that insurance entrepreneurs face by providing the necessary resources, training, coaching, and support so that its members can achieve exceptional results.

ReminderMedia president Luke Acree says, “It is an honor to be partnering with Agency Collective to help their agents continue to grow their business. The AC’s commitment to the success of their agent partners and their win-win mentality fits perfectly with ReminderMedia’s mission, and we are excited to partner with such a stellar team.”

ReminderMedia’s mission of removing the complications and weight of marketing from the entrepreneur aligns with the goals of The AC’s Vendor Affinity Program, which is designed to assist insurance professionals in reducing the complexity and costs of running their businesses. The program consists of a centralized repository of vendors who have agreed to offer discounted products and services to The AC’s members. Vendors are chosen based on advisor experience, ease of business with The AC agents, and meeting specific security and compliance requirements.

AC members can use its flagship product, American Lifestyle magazine, and other tools and services to strengthen relationships with its core clients, fostering long-term growth.

“At The AC, we are committed to helping our members achieve what they never thought possible on their own by offering resources, tools and services that make it easier and more effective for them to manage and grow their businesses,” said Kenny Urbania, the President & CEO of The AC. “With our Vendor Affinity Program, we are able to use our size to enhance our members’ bottom line and further enhance the value of their affiliation with Agency Collective.”

ReminderMedia is thrilled to be able to offer its products to The AC advisors. It hopes to provide members with tools to help them succeed while also giving professionals more freedom to focus on the aspects of their life and business most important to them.

About ReminderMedia

To prevent business owners and sales professionals from ever sending the wrong message to one of their most important relationships or forgetting to follow up with their best clients, ReminderMedia envisions a world where all contacts are automatically scheduled and managed. ReminderMedia hopes to create a world where people can devote less time to marketing and more time to their families. They plan to build interoperable services and products to help business people find, attract, grow, and keep the connections vital to their success. Get more information at