The AC is Embracing the Power of Togetherness

We Can All Accomplish More if We Work Together

As I reflect on the past three years spent developing The AC with my partner and Co-Founder, Kenny Urbania, I realize I could never have predicted the level of personal enjoyment I would derive from this organization. As “Chief Puzzle Builder” for The AC Companies, I work with agents, strategic partners, and carriers. I’ve formed countless relationships that have blossomed into beautiful friendships throughout the country. Many of you attending this conference have told me about your businesses, families, hobbies, and other interests. That level of trust and friendship you have shown The AC Team and me is genuinely inspiring.

As we all gather for our first annual conference, The AC team can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment for everything that has happened since our organization’s inception. All of our achievements are possible because you took the time to learn about The AC, hear our story, and give us a chance to do right by your company. We will never take the option you provided us for granted. On the contrary, as an organization, we will work tirelessly to identify new opportunities that can benefit any strategic stakeholders.

So, what does tireless work entail? First and foremost, it is doing what you say you will do. The AC will always strive to do what is right by all parties involved, from outperforming the competition at every turn through our client satisfaction to the quality and quantity of business and professionalism. Is there any traffic? Absolutely! The key is to confront these issues head-on and concentrate on solutions.

At a recent luncheon, Kenny and I had the opportunity to sit with another prominent aggregator executive. “We didn’t want to deal with Nationwide agents because they are too demanding,” he explained. We interpreted this statement as “we don’t like putting in the effort to make sure our clients have every chance to succeed.” The part of this discussion that bothered me the most was that this sizeable national aggregator underserves thousands of members who deserve more assistance from their network partner. Walking away from challenging work will never be The AC’s style, as we continue to earn our stripes with our members daily.

In addition to hard work, The AC prides itself on being lifelong learners. When I started The AC, I had no idea how much I would learn about the insurance industry. With so many exciting opportunities for our AC Members, I look forward to continuing my education and sharing my findings with the group. We frequently learn about new ideas and products from you, our AC family of agents, carriers, and strategic partners. Please never, ever halt the flow of information. Information keeps us strong, innovative, and at the forefront of our ever-changing industry.

So, as you join us for these three days in Orlando, I hope our first AC Member Conference helps you make the following personal and professional connections:

  • Reconnect with old acquaintances
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a solution provider or AC Team member to advance your business
  • Push yourself to meet new people and take risks, such as riding the Mako roller coaster
  • Return home with fresh ideas, ready to take on the rest of 2022 and beyond with The AC

I’ll leave you with this as we part ways in a few days and return to our regular lives. Please do not hesitate to contact The AC team if you have questions about your company. The truth is that we are almost certainly not alone in experiencing similar opportunities and challenges. We would be delighted to assist you or refer you to someone who can. We can all accomplish more if we work together. That is the “Power of Togetherness.”