Cybersecurity and IT

Reduce the Risks of Data Breaches and Enterprise Exposure to Cyber Threats

As an added benefit of membership with The AC, our insurance network gives our member agencies access to cybersecurity and IT vendors to negotiate discounted pricing.

IT is used to create, process, store, secure and exchange electronic data from any computer, networking and other physical equipment, infrastructures and procedures. In contrast, cybersecurity is used to protect all of that. Cyberattacks are used to gain unauthorized access, alter or destroy data or extort funds. Some of the most common cyberattacks are ransomware, malware, social engineering and phishing.

We cannot and do not recommend any specific vendor for a particular member due to the diversity of our members and their individual needs. Still, we do encourage members to investigate those of interest to them. In addition, we recommend that, as with any contract you consider entering, you thoroughly review the terms and conditions before signing, particularly regarding the use and protection of your data.

Archway Computer

Insurance agency technology, according to Archway Computer, should be competitive. Their insurance technology specialists provide advice, planning, implementation and support for your agency’s technology vision and mission. In addition, they want you to use technology to expand your business.
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Cloud Server Techs

Cloud Server Techs has quickly established itself as the most trusted IT advisor for small and medium-sized businesses in the eastern United States that require a high level of security and compliance.
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Active Insurance can help you reduce cyber risks. Coalition is a cyber insurance and security system that can help you predict and avoid cyber attacks.
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IDTheft Assist

Because of its combination of proactive and preventative monitoring, exclusive threat intelligence and personalized alerts, IDTheft Assist ensures that identity thieves will be permanently barred from accessing your account.
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RAM-Tech PC Solutions

RAM-Tech offers a full range of technology services and IT support to businesses throughout Georgia, aiming to make software and hardware work seamlessly and provide the best return on investment possible.
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