Rating Software

Save Time and Streamline Your Operations

As an added benefit of membership with The AC, our insurance network gives our member agencies access to rating software vendors to negotiate discounted pricing.

The goal of insurance underwriting and rating software is to find the sweet spot between attracting new clients, reducing risks and remaining compliant with regulations. Rating, along with policy and claims administration, billing and analytical features, all play an essential role in determining the final quotes provided to customers. Following the customer’s information entry, multiple quotes will be generated based on the user’s selection of underwriting criteria.

We cannot and do not recommend any specific vendor for a particular member due to the diversity of our members and their individual needs. Still, we do encourage members to investigate those of interest to them. In addition, we recommend that, as with any contract you consider entering, you thoroughly review the terms and conditions before signing, particularly regarding the use and protection of your data.

Bold Penguin

Bold Penguin built an efficient exchange to strengthen relationships between firms, brokers, and carriers, lowering purchase friction, shortening the time it takes to bind commercial insurance, and making technology more human.
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EZLynx offers innovative insurance software that can help your agency’s workflow. You can bundle products to boost your agency’s productivity or buy them separately to meet the specific needs of your business.
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PL Rating

The industry-leading personal lines comparative rater used by independent agencies to increase business closure and revenue, provide more competitive quotes and connect in real-time with carriers.
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With Semsee, you only need to know the client’s primary location and the industry in which they operate to get the results – just fill out two fields.
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Our goal at Tarmika is to help your agency work better by saving time, increasing efficiencies and assisting you in writing more business. Our products evolve and grow in response to our clients’ changing needs.
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