Productivity Tools

Streamline Insurance Processes to Improve Customer Experiences

As an added benefit of membership with The AC, our insurance network gives our member agencies access to productivity tools vendors to negotiate discounted pricing.

You and your online coworkers can sign a document digitally using electronic signature software. Whether you need a simple way to sign PDFs occasionally or a comprehensive system to facilitate electronic signatures for all of your customers and clients, you can likely find a solution that works for you.

We cannot and do not recommend any specific vendor for a particular member due to the diversity of our members and their individual needs. Still, we do encourage members to investigate those of interest to them. In addition, we recommend that, as with any contract you consider entering, you thoroughly review the terms and conditions before signing, particularly regarding the use and protection of your data.

Canopy Connect

By leveraging consumer data, Canopy Connect enables businesses to provide delightful, intelligent and frictionless insurance services in a secure and timely manner. Our user-driven data-sharing and secure cloud infrastructure allow for real-time multi-line data transfer.
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Formstack allows you to collect and eSign documents from any device. Formstack is used by people worldwide to streamline new patient onboarding, marketing, and sales processes.
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GloveBox integrates all carrier systems into a single agency-branded platform, providing access to policy documents and ID cards, direct bill pay and claims with written insurance companies and a place to request service through an automated chatbot.
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Insurance Agent App

Insurance Agent App is the service platform of record for independent agents because we have streamlined the previously disjointed and inefficient data transfer between carriers, agencies and policyholders.
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To save time and close more deals, InsurGrid collects dec pages, allowing clients to connect their insurance account and the insurance agent to receive the client’s policy data in a dashboard to prepare a new quote.
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LeO is the ultimate solution for insurance agents seeking to increase revenue and streamline their workflows. Our platform puts speed and efficiency first. Our cross-selling feature allows agents to easily cross-sell directly from their phones. With LeO, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming and costly prospecting and cross-selling workflows of the past and focus on providing excellent service to your clients.
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Premier Strategy Box

Premier Strategy Box, a premier RevOps and SalesOps consulting firm, can assist your company in rapidly expanding and standing out from the competition.
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