Staffing Services

We Provide Skilled Workers So You Can Run Your Business

As an added benefit of membership with The AC, our insurance network gives our member agencies access to staffing vendors to negotiate discounted pricing.

Having constant access to top-tier talent is critical to the company’s success. Our preferred vendors have the best teams, which are staffed by specialists who are experts in multiple product lines and functions. They can also help you fill temporary insurance positions caused by unexpected workload increases, employee illness or absence, a natural disaster, staff turnover, or a one-time project.

We cannot and do not recommend any specific vendor for a particular member due to the diversity of our members and their individual needs. Still, we do encourage members to investigate those of interest to them. In addition, we recommend that, as with any contract you consider entering, you thoroughly review the terms and conditions before signing, particularly regarding the use and protection of your data.


Edge provides large-corporation resources at a fraction of the cost, strengthening customer relationships. They understand modern insurance agencies’ challenges and can help clients hire a full-time, talented and trained professional for 70% less.
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Total CSR

Justin and Jordan Goodman founded Total CSR to reshape the insurance industry by hiring, assessing, training and supporting a highly skilled and motivated workforce.
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